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The SG 551 carbine has a short pattern 363 mm (14.3 in) barrel, gas tube and piston
compared to the SG 550. The SG 551 series rifles have a 466 mm (18.3 in) long sight radius.
The handguards were also changed and the bipod removed. The SG 551 cannot be used
with a bayonet or fire rifle grenades. The SG 551 comes in several specialized variants
designed for use with security and special forces. Among those variants are
the SG 551-1P police carbine (designed to engage point targets out to 300 m;
equipped with a Hensoldt 6x42 BL telescopic sight and detachable cheek riser),
the SG 551 SWAT carbine (coated with a corrosion-resistant finish and equipped
with an optical sight mount used with a wide array of sights, and can also accept
mission-critical accessories such as a bipod, laser pointer or tactical light) and
the SG 551 LB carbine with an extended 454 mm (17.9 in) barrel that enables
the use of rifle grenades.
Slovakia: The Slovak Police Utvar Osobitneho Ur?
enia (special assignments unit) utilizes the SG 551 SWAT carbine

Argentina: GEOF counter-terrorism unit uses both the SG 551 and SG 552 Commando.
France: The SG 551 and SG 551 LB carbines are used by some specialized units of
the French Army[10] and the GIGN counter-terrorist unit.
Germany: The German Federal Police's counter-terrorism unit GSG 9 and
the Spezialeinsatzkommando group of the state police both employ the SG 551
and SG 551 LB carbines in a variety of roles.
India: COIN Ops; small numbers employed by the MARCOS.
Jordan: Jordanian police use the SG 550 Sniper in small numbers.
Romania: Small numbers of the SG 551 LB employed by the 307th Marine Battalion.
Serbia: SG 552 version used by the SAJ anti-terrorist unit.
Slovakia: The Slovak Police Útvar Osobitného Určenia ("special assignments unit")
utilizes the SG 551 SWAT carbine.[11]
Spain: National police GEO special operations group uses both the SG 551 SWAT
and SG 552.[12][13]
Switzerland: As of 2009, the SG 550 is the standard service rifle of the Swiss Armed Forces.[14]
The SG 552 Commando is fielded in small numbers by certain specialized units and
is known as the Stgw 90 kurz.
United States: Used by some federal agencies, including the Federal Reserve Police.
Vatican City: Used by the Papal Swiss Guard.[15]
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